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INTERESTING Babylonian Related Sites:

On the Banks of the Tigris - the hidden story of Iraqi music
This documentary tells a story of music, history and cultural connection that offers hope for peace and reconciliation in Iraq.
Click http://www.fruitfulfilms.com.au/films/tigris to view a 3 min Iraq clip.
Click here for YouTube Clip
The Last Jew of Babylon Part 1   The last Jew of Babylon.  Interesting story to watch  YouTube video.
The Last Jew of Babylon Part 2

Video of Temple of Esther & Mordechai in Hamadan, Iran   A short film of the Esther & Mordechai Temple in Hamedan, Iran,
use the following link (Farsi with English subtitles):

Babylonian Jewry Heritage Center -   The Babylonian Jewry Heritage Center is both a Research Institute and a Museum, with an impressive collection of ethnographic material, Judaica, archival documents, books and manuscripts. The BJHC publishes research work and journals, organizes exhibitions and holds cultural events and conferences.

New Montefiore Cemetery Information -  Contact information and directions.

BOOKS Babylonian Related Books:

The Last Tango in Baghdad
 by Albert Khabbaza - Author's Site
Great Neck Record Article
April 29, 2010
Flyer for May 5th Book signing

About the Book
   In a memoir hailed for its sincerety, The Last Tango In Baghdad, is an inspirational story depicting a painstakingly true tale of a fascinating life lived in turbulent times and countries of the Middle East.
It is the story of a young Jewish boy, growing up amid the rich history of Iraqi customs, his personal hardships and triumphs, his escape to Israel, his life in Iran and finally the United States. The exhilarating true events are at times nostalgic, sad, terrifying, and even shocking, yet they are punctuated by moments of great levity and humor.
   The journey—so reminiscent of the experiences of Jews in the past—is extraordinary. Political upheavals may be analyzed endlessly by scholars, but first hand accounts especially those which have not been much publicized, illuminate a real culture and history we would benefit to know better.
   Providing some background and an understanding of the culture, language and traditions, he examines the political facts and reveals in detail the events that shaped his life. The book is highly recommended for all non-specialist general readers for its revealing content and valuable insight.

 About the Author
The author Albert Khabbaza, MD was born in Baghdad, Iraq to a well respected Jewish family. He fled out of Iraq at a young age. He studied medicine in Jerusalem, Israel. He completed his residency in NY, United Sates. He married and settled in Tehran, Iran with two children. After the Islamic Revolution, the family embarked on a journey of incalculable risks and began to rebuild in America. In the face of all the hardships and what he learned about life, his personal outlook and drive to succeed are a real tribute to his inner strength and character.

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The Music House  Your source for instruments, gifts such as miniature musical instruments, jewelry, music boxes as well as accessories, music accessories, sheet music and books.


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