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Elections 2014


Babylonian Jewish Center
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March  10, 2014

 Dear Member:
In accordance with its by-laws, the Babylonian Jewish Center will be holding its ninth (9th) election of Officers and Trustees on Sunday, April 27, 2014 from 12:00 – 2:00 PM at the BJC.

As part of the election process, a number of individuals will deliver short presentations about the accomplishments and future plans of the BJC.  Those individuals slated to speak are as follows:

Rabbi Nir Shalom (Chief Rabbi)
Ronny Ben-Josef (Current President)
Eliyahou Shamash (Treasurer)
Orly Maslavi (Sisterhood President)

Please see the attached Ballot(s) for a list of items upon which you will be voting.  Only original Ballot(s) will be accepted.  Please do not photocopy or destroy your Ballot(s). 

Unless you are a single member, you have received two Ballots, one in the name of each spouse. Please complete both Ballots since each Ballot equates to one vote totaling the two votes entitled to Family Members.

There are only three acceptable methods by which you may deliver your Ballot:

There shall be no other acceptable means by which to cast your vote.

1) Personal delivery of your Ballot(s) to the meeting on April 27th by 12:30 pm; or

2) Delivery of your Ballot(s) by some other person whom you designate to the meeting; or

3) Mailing of your Ballot(s) to Edna Mashaal to arrive before Sunday, April 27, 2014.  Edna’s mailing address is 100 Windsor Gate, Great Neck, NY 11020.

In addition, if you do not plan on making it to the meeting, be sure to complete the enclosed proxy so that a vote may be cast in your name on any motions that may come up.

There will be an opportunity at the meeting to ask any questions you may have regarding your Ballot(s). In the meantime, if you plan on mailing your Ballot(s) and have questions, please call Fred Jiji at 516-466-5116.

The BJC Board of Trustees would like to thank the Nominating Committee, consisting of
Fred Jiji (chairman), Gila Aizer, Stella Bahary, Samir Kamara, and Ronnie Rabbie.

This will be the final correspondence you will receive with regards to the Annual Meeting.

Verna Rabbie
BJC Board Secretary

In accordance to our By-laws (Article VIII, Section 1), a Nominating Committee was established with the duty of naming candidates for Officer and Board of Trustee positions for elections to be held at our upcoming Annual Meeting on Sunday April 27, 2014.  Please keep in mind that only current Iraqi paid members may cast a vote (2 ballots for married couples, one for singles).

The Nominating Committee consisting of Fred of Fred Jiji (chairman), Gila Aizer, Stella Bahary,Samir Kamara, and Ronnie Rabbie has made the following nominations (there have been no independent nominations):

Nominated Officers – two (2) year term:

 President (no vote required):                            Ronny Ben-Josef

Vote is required to distinguish between 1st and 2nd VP

Vice Presidents (two positions):                    
Moris Bakhash
Shouly Maslavi

Executive Officer(no vote required):              Eddie Nassim
Secretary(no vote required):                             Verna Rabbie
Treasurer(no vote required):                            Eliahou Shamash  

Honorary Chairman of the Board:              Ronnie Rabbie

 Board Advisors:                                                                 Ronnie Rabbie

                                                                                Shlomo Bakhash

                                                                                Albert Nassim

                                                                                Edeed Ben-Josef

 Board Members – two (2) year term:
Religious Committee President
:      To be appointed by the Board

 Current Board of Trustees

The following Board of Trustee members have already completed two (2) years of their four (4) year terms and thus would not be included in upcoming selections:

Alice Aboody, Elias Hawa, Danny Jiji, Natalie Mashaal, Anis Shashou

Nominated Board of Trustees – A total of five (5) trustee positions are available.  The 5 highest voted persons will serve a four (4) year term. 
The following is list of Nominees selected by the Nominating Committee (in alphabetical order):

Note: Each valid ballot must select exactly five (5) trustee positions; ballots with more or fewer than 5 trustees, will be disregarded.  



440 Great Neck Road
Great Neck, New York 1102

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Great Neck, NY 11022-0224

Tel: (516) 773-9876
e-mail: info@bjcny.org
website:  http://www.bjcny.org

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