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Chalgi Concert



On Sunday February 23rd the BJC had a showing of the documentary film called "Chalghi Baghdad" which was made possible by Linda Menuhin who was visiting from Israel.  The story is a sad one.  It is the story of displaced Chalgi musicians and their struggle to make a life, as well as maintaining their music, after their immigration from Iraq to Israel.

Linda has the vision of bringing the 10 or so Chalgi musicians to New York for a one day concert in May or June.  To her it is very much like the story of the Cuban band, the Buena Vista Social Club.  This will be the first time that these musicians will be playing together outside of Israel and it could probably be the last.

After hearing this, there was much interest and enthusiasm by our members and on that Sunday, at the BJC, and a number of days after that approximately $10,000 was collected from some of our generous BJC members and from Sisterhood from the proceeds of that day.  It goes to show how Iraqi communities worldwide maintain the musical tradition among others such as food, ceremonies etc.    The total to be collected in order to pay for the flights, hotel stay, etc. is approx. $25,000. 

As you can see, further pledges are needed so anyone who is willing to pledge any amount will help the cause.  Pledges should be sent to BJC to the Attn: Sisterhood "Iraqi musicians".

To view pictures that were taken at the screening of the movie at the BJC, link to the BJC website at:

http://www.bjcny.org and click on "Photos" and click on "Chalgi Baghdad" (pictures made available by Anis Shashou).


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