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Book List


We have included a list of books that we thought our community would enjoy.  We are not receiving an compensation for this listing.

The Last Tango in Baghdad
MD Albert Khabbaza

Two Thousand Years of Jewish Life in Morocco
by Haim Zafrani

The Holocaust in Salonika: Eyewitness Accounts,
edited by Steven Bowman

Journey from the Land of No
by Roya Hakakian

The Ornament of the World: How Muslims, Jews, and Christians created a Culture of Tolenrance in Medieval Spain
by Maria Rosa Menocal

Blood Libel: The Damascus Affair of 1840
by Ronald Florence

Remnant of Israel
by Rabbi Marc D. Angel

The First Jews in the New World
by Joseph Heckelman

The Woman who Defied Kings:  The Life and Times of Dona Garcia Nasi
by Andree Aelion Brooks

Saving the Lost Tribe:  The Rescue and Redemption of the Ethiopian Jews
by Asher Naim

A Treasury of Sephardic Laws and Custom
by Rabbi Herbert C. Dobrinsky

Dictionary of Sephardic Surnames
by P. Valadares, G. Faiguenboim< and A. Campagnano

Sephardic Genealogy
by Jeffrey S. Malka

Sephardic Holiday Cooking
by Gilda Angel

Apples and Pomagranates
by Rahel Musleah

A Fistful of Lentils:  Syrian-Jewish Recipes from Grandma Fritzie's Kitchen
by Jennifer F. Abadi

Shalom Bombay - VHS

Taqasi - VHS

Cafe Noah - VHS

The Last Sephardic Jew - DVD

Historic Music of the Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue in NYC - 3 CD set

Italian Jewish Musical Traditions - CD

Treasures of Classical Arabic Music - CD

Choral Music of Congregation Shearith Israel - CD


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